We are the Mobile Dog Groomers!

All our groomers have been picked because of their love of animals and their desire to work with them full time. Many started out doing voluntary work with dogs and then progressed to working under a qualified and experienced dog groomer. All the groomers have under gone extensive practical and theoretical training and have demonstrated their efficiency in;

1, their ability to handle dogs firmly but gently

2, their ability to calm and control nervous dogs

3, patience and attention to detail

4, skills dealing with both pets and owners.

At all times they have the right to refuse to work with difficult dogs with behaviour problems, but will do everything within their knowledge to help your pets enjoy the one to one grooming offered by our experienced mobile dog groomers.


The Team

They have had 3 years’ experience grooming all breeds of dogs from small Dashunds to large Newfoundlands. They work as a team so can handle most appointments even when they are faced with multiple dogs.

Weronika - Groomer
Call me on 07393 738504
Hi, I’m Weronika. Having initially started at Easton college doing animal management to go into veterinary surgeon, ending up in dog grooming is a big change. This is the best thing I could have ever done. This job comes with many challenges but at the same time you meet the loveliest of characters. I’m dedicated to meet your dog’s needs, whether it requires a cuddle or a 5 minute break, as long as your little one is happy.
Jess - Groomer
Call me on 07500 069069
Hi, I’m Jess. Dog grooming has always been an ambition of mine, and when the opportunity to train with an experienced groomer came along I jumped at the chance! After learning the ropes I completed a professional grooming course and finally got on the road in my salon on wheels. I already have over 2 years experience and I know I will be adding many more years to this as I can honestly say that I love my job and all of my furry friends too!
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